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Social Media & My Google Ranking
by Jacquie Gonzalez Social Media and My Google Ranking 2010 was the year when social media really started to make waves for small to mid-sized local businesses.  Facebook and YouTube became the most popular social media sites with dozens of others to follow suit.  Suddenly business owners were having to learn an entirely new paradigm in marketing their businesses.  In 2016, social relevance is one of Google’s major ranking factors, and business owners have now had to allocate marketing budgets for social media marketers and SEO specialists. How and Why Does Social Media Affect My Google Ranking? Let’s start the the how… Google algorithms are set up to pick up social signals.  Each time a business posts to their social media sites with those sites being linked to

How Can I Rank Higher on Google?
When it comes to garnering your share of business traffic today, it’s vital to ensure that your digital presence on the web is meeting Google’s standards. Google search accounts for approximately 65% of the total searches on the web. The other 35% are comprised of the other major search engines– Yahoo, Bing, AOL, as well as social media sites and directories. So what exactly does Google consider factors when ranking sites higher than others? According to Jacquie Gonzalez, expert SEO specialist with interactive media company, eNation Worldwide, “There are over 39 different on-page and off-page factors that Google considers to be ranking factors.” So, when business owners ask themselves, “How Can I Rank Higher on Google,” here are a few of the major ranking factors: On Page Content