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Voice Search Optimization Myrtle Beach
The great thing about hiring a knowledgeable and cutting edge SEO company, is they keep ahead of the trends in search so you don’t have to!   Voice search is now up 35% since 2008, and it’s because mobile phones have literally taken over local search.  SEO Expert and owner of eNation Worldwide, Jacquie Gonzalez, has a few solid tips for optimizing your website for Voice  Search.  Jacquie explains, “When optimizing for voice search, believe it or not, you need to create content on a 9th grade level.  Most people speak at a ninth grade level or below, and that is translating into search results.” Here are a few tips for voice search optimization of your website in 2018: Get conversational!  Think about the questions that people might ask

Myrtle Beach SEO Expert
Wondering why your rankings have plummeted in recent weeks or months?  Google has been particularly active in making algorithm changes that WILL affect your site rankings.  Since local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) became an integral part of local business traffic, SEO expert and owner of eNation Worldwide, Jacquie Gonzalez, has been following Google’s fluctuations, algorithm changes, and how they affect local businesses.  Jacquie explains, “Content is key.  Content on mobile devices is key, now more so than ever before.” Recently, search on mobile devices overtook desktop search by a landslide.  “It’s been a long-time coming, and we’ve finally seen  it happen.  If you still have a website that lacks good, readable content, if you aren’t active on social media, and if you think you can do what you’ve

How Can I Rank Higher on Google?
When it comes to garnering your share of business traffic today, it’s vital to ensure that your digital presence on the web is meeting Google’s standards. Google search accounts for approximately 65% of the total searches on the web. The other 35% are comprised of the other major search engines– Yahoo, Bing, AOL, as well as social media sites and directories. So what exactly does Google consider factors when ranking sites higher than others? According to Jacquie Gonzalez, expert SEO specialist with interactive media company, eNation Worldwide, “There are over 39 different on-page and off-page factors that Google considers to be ranking factors.” So, when business owners ask themselves, “How Can I Rank Higher on Google,” here are a few of the major ranking factors: On Page Content

There are many self proclaimed SEO’s out there, and businesses should take heed. If a company guarantees immediate or specific results, run as fast you can! Organic SEO requires a multitude of best practices being put into motion consistently over time. There is no magic bullet to gaining top search rankings on Google and other search engines. I liken SEO to “spokes on a wheel.” You can have a working wheel with just enough spokes to hold it up, but the more “spokes,” or best SEO practices, in motion, the stronger your wheel will be for the long haul. First and foremost, as an SEO in Myrtle Beach myself, I have been working on organic search engine optimization for local businesses for several years. The main areas that