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Posting On Social Media After Disaster
By: Jacquie Gonzalez Our community and surrounding areas of North and South Carolina have been utterly devastated by the floods caused by recent hurricane Florence.  Families, individuals, and businesses, alike have been affected by the devastation.  Enter social media… Social media has become part of the fabric of our lives.  Ninety-seven percent of all people 18-84 visited a social media site at some point yesterday.  That is a staggering and consistent audience.  Businesses post regularly on social media in order to keep their brands in front  of and communicate regularly with customers and potential customers.  But, in the wake of a natural disaster or tragedy, what is the best way for a business to use their social media platforms?  Here are some best practices to keep in mind:

Social Media & My Google Ranking
by Jacquie Gonzalez Social Media and My Google Ranking 2010 was the year when social media really started to make waves for small to mid-sized local businesses.  Facebook and YouTube became the most popular social media sites with dozens of others to follow suit.  Suddenly business owners were having to learn an entirely new paradigm in marketing their businesses.  In 2016, social relevance is one of Google’s major ranking factors, and business owners have now had to allocate marketing budgets for social media marketers and SEO specialists. How and Why Does Social Media Affect My Google Ranking? Let’s start the the how… Google algorithms are set up to pick up social signals.  Each time a business posts to their social media sites with those sites being linked to