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Inbound Marketing

When it comes to your location online, it’s all about content, content, content.  Our inbound marketing services in Myrtle Beach offer content creation and management to the local business.

Our Inbound Marketing Services Include:

  • Email Marketing – We create custom newsletters and campaigns for businesses
  • Call Tracking – We can assign phone numbers for each area of your marketing and advertising, so you can know which areas make the phone ring.  Our Call tracking service offers exclusive local or 800 numbers, phone call recordings for customer service training, and monthly reporting and metrics for each call your business receives.
  • Blogging and Content Creation – Keeping your web and social media content fresh is important in order to increase your search engine rankings and brand awareness online.   We offer content creation and blogging services.
  • Video – Video, or rich media, is an important way to promote your business.  We have the tools to create custom videos graphically or on-site.
  • SEM- Search Engine Marketing—We manage Google Adwords campaigns for clients, as well as other search engine marketing programs.  We analyze data, make necessary tweaks throughout the campaign in order to maximize results, and we provide monthly reporting on your campaigns.

If Inbound Marketing is in your plans, put it in eNation’s hands!