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Mobile Apps in Myrtle Beach – Does your business need an app?

icon_mobile_appsThe mobile revolution has taken the world by storm!  I saw this statistic the other day…. “There were more than 31 billion mobile app downloads in 2011. Two thousand new apps are added to the market place everyday.”  Wow.  There are some businesses out there who are still contemplating getting a much-needed mobile website, let alone a mobile app!  Many business owners ask me how they can benefit from having a mobile app.  Well, the benfits are two-fold– not only are they beneficial to you as a business owner, but they can also be benficial to your customers, thus creating a win-win situation!

Here are some of the benefits to your business of having your very own mobile application:

1. You can regularly keep in touch with your customers through unlimited push notifications.  Yes, you can send your customers messages, specials, event notices, product changes or price changes, and so much more through the app.

2. You cultivate an atmosphere of customer loyalty and repeat business.  Think about it… If you sell products or services, and your customers can access those products or services (or information about them) right from their phones without having to go anywhere else to find you, your customers are keeping you at the top of the mind…voluntarily!

3. You can make the flow of business easier with cool standard features such as food ordering, appointment setting, and mobile purchashing.

4. You can gather important information for contacting your clients in the future, such as email and mobile number.

5. With a mobile app for your business, you are able to build relationships, build customer loyalty, give your customers continuous brand access, enhance your social networking strategies, and increase sell-through.

Here are some benefits to your customers:

1.  Instant touch to dial or GPS location features to find your bsuiness quickly and easily

2. Access to loyal customer discounts that other people are not privy to…

3. Convenience factors of being able to access your products/services right from their favorite possessions…their phones!

There are many benefits to having a mobile app created for your business.  Almost every business category can benefit from the features that can be customized for a mobile app.  The hardest part about getting an app is the decision to get one.  Many local businesses are trying to make sense of advertising and marketing budgets in a crazy economy.  The questions you have to ask yourself are… Are you poised for the future?  Are you poised for the present?  Mobile is now, and with over 88% of consumers accessing your business through mobile searches, can you afford not to be where your customers are at this very moment?

If a mobile app is in your plans, put it in eNation’s hands!