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Myrtle Beach SEO Expert Announces Google Changes

Wondering why your rankings have plummeted in recent weeks or months?  Google has been particularly active in making algorithm changes that WILL affect your site rankings.  Since local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) became an integral part of local business traffic, SEO expert and owner of eNation Worldwide, Jacquie Gonzalez, has been following Google’s fluctuations, algorithm changes, and how they affect local businesses.  Jacquie explains, “Content is key.  Content on mobile devices is key, now more so than ever before.”

Recently, search on mobile devices overtook desktop search by a landslide.  “It’s been a long-time coming, and we’ve finally seen  it happen.  If you still have a website that lacks good, readable content, if you aren’t active on social media, and if you think you can do what you’ve always done, you will get left in the dust by local competitors.  It’s inevitable.  You have to stay AHEAD of the curve, not just flow with it,” Jacquie notes.  “It’s a lot like running a marathon… nothing is instant gratification with Google and search in general.  You have to constantly work, constantly show consistency in social relevance, continuously update and refresh content and rich media within your website.”

What are some of the changes that Google has announced recently?  “Just this past week, on April 17, Google lauched the Project Owl Update, where ranking signals will further give authority to quality content pages and demote low-quality content.  In addition, back in November of 2016, Google launched an update that further demotes sites with low-quality content on mobile devices, so it’s not just good enough anymore to have a functional mobile site with no content– you need responsive design.”

Top Ways to Improve Website Rankings in 2017

  • Be an authority in your field, and let your website serve as an educational tool for what you do, by adding blogs, rich media, such as relevant videos, and good quality content that actually answers questions one might type into a search.
  • Be active in social media.  Social relevance plays a huge part in Google rankings.  Think about it.  Google wants to deliver the results to the public that are going to be the most relevant, otherwise, people wouldn’t use it.  If Google picks up that your site is fresh, readable, relevant, and popular, your rankings will reflect that as well.
  • A stagnant website means stagnant rankings.  There is no such thing as “set it and forget it” when it comes to website ranking anymore.  Back in the day, you could add a few good meta-keywords and expect to show up in search.  Those days are long gone, and Google makes it very difficult for business owners with websites to cheat the system.  It takes continuous effort month after month indefinitely to see improved rankings and continued success.
  • Continuously look to add good, quality inbound links.  Popularity by association still goes a long way with Google.  But, quality is king over quantity.
  • Be present in search directories, and increase online reviews.  The companies with the most online reviews will usually show up higher in maps listings.  However, be consistent in gaining new online reviews, or Google might see your efforts as fake or spammy.

According to Jacquie Gonzalez, “there are over 39 different ranking factors that Google (and other search engines) considers to be important.  In addition, Google is constantly tweaking algorithms, so adjusting to natural fluctuations can take its toll on your business traffic.  It’s a lot like the stock market.  There are natural ups and downs, but you can make the ups and downs a little softer by consistently doing the right things.”  eNation Worldwide is a full service interactive media company located in Myrtle Beach, specializing in SEO, Web Design, Social Media, and Inbound Marketing.  Although based in Myrtle Beach, eNation serves businesses all over the country and in Canada.  “Helping small to mid-sized, local businesses has always been my passion.  Navigating the digital environment can be extremely overwhelming, and we enjoy helping business owners see success in that capacity, while letting them focus on what they do best. In ten years of having our thumbs on the pulse of Google, we can almost predict what they will do next.  It’s all about staying ahead of the curve.”