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Posting On Social Media After Disaster

Posting on Social Media After Disaster

By: Jacquie Gonzalez

Our community and surrounding areas of North and South Carolina have been utterly devastated by the floods caused by recent hurricane Florence.  Families, individuals, and businesses, alike have been affected by the devastation.  Enter social media…

Social media has become part of the fabric of our lives.  Ninety-seven percent of all people 18-84 visited a social media site at some point yesterday.  That is a staggering and consistent audience.  Businesses post regularly on social media in order to keep their brands in front  of and communicate regularly with customers and potential customers.  But, in the wake of a natural disaster or tragedy, what is the best way for a business to use their social media platforms?  Here are some best practices to keep in mind:

  1. People find it disingenuous when businesses use social media to find favor for their brand during times of disaster.  Therefore, be genuine in your posts.  Show your concern by using a simple phrase of heartfelt support and maybe a hashtag from community organizations offering help.
  2. Do not use social media to sell your products or services during a disaster, unless your products or services can directly help with rebuilding or community efforts.  For example, if you have a business that offers disaster clean up or remediation, by all means, let the public know.  You might even be in a position to offer insight into the situation from first-hand experience.  But, it’s not the time to sell unrelated products or services.
  3. Share stories that offer hope and inspiration to the community.  Maybe highlight a local hero or project, and use your social media leverage as a business to bring people together for the cause.  While social media can bring out the worst in people, it can also be used as a platform to showcase the best in humanity.  It can be used to bring people together and to find comfort in the most dire situations.
  4. Share important information, reports, or things people may find helpful during a disaster.  This is a time to give what you have and what you can for others, and your  business expertise may be helpful in some situations.

In the last two weeks, as our community braces for flood waters to peak and deals with the aftermath of receding flooding, one thing is for sure… we have all seen first hand how our community along the Grand Strand and our neighbors in North Carolina can come together to help each other.  Countless stories of heroism, giving, and selfless efforts are inspiring.  Even through the worst devastation, we see the best in those around us.  We’re #CarolinaStrong.