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Is Your Website Voice Search Optimized? 5 Quick Tips for Better Voice SEO

The great thing about hiring a knowledgeable and cutting edge SEO company, is they keep ahead of the trends in search so you don’t have to!   Voice search is now up 35% since 2008, and it’s because mobile phones have literally taken over local search.  SEO Expert and owner of eNation Worldwide, Jacquie Gonzalez, has a few solid tips for optimizing your website for Voice  Search.  Jacquie explains, “When optimizing for voice search, believe it or not, you need to create content on a 9th grade level.  Most people speak at a ninth grade level or below, and that is translating into search results.” Here are a few tips for voice search optimization of your website in 2018:

  1. Get conversational!  Think about the questions that people might ask Google about your business or your business industry.  Then, answer those questions in your website content either via individual blog articles, FAQ’s, or on service or product pages.  Remember, Google delivers matches to what people are searching for, so if you ask and answer questions, you will likely reach those searching via voice.
  2. Maintain a Local Presence!  Claim your business on Google My Business, make sure you are listed in local directories and industry-related directories with organic content.  Answer questions on professional and industry forums and link back to your website in your answers.
  3. Keep it simple!  Keep content simple, easy-to-read, and bulleted in areas
  4. Make sure your site is secure with an SSL certificate.  Not only will more people want to click on your website when they see the https:// and padlock in front of your URL, but it is now also a ranking factor in Google.
  5. Create a great UX!  What is UX?  It’s a term we use in the digital industry, and it stands for “User Experience.” Keep your content mobile friendly, responsive, and working fast!  Page loading speed can kill a search query.  Your site has to be fast with good clean code and optimized images to get customers from search engines these days!

If you would rather do what you do best and leave the SEO to the experts, give eNation Worldwide a call!  Getting your business found in your locale is what they do best.  If SEO is in your plans, put it in eNation’s hands!